Crocodile Fashion Belts



Crocodile Fashion Belt
Crocodile Fashion Belt

The Kulu Croc Fashion belt is made from the highest quality Nile crocodile leather. They are available in Black, Cognac, Dark Brown, Red, Tangerine, Green, Purple, Dark Pink, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Mink(we have matching cuffs as well!). These belts are available in small, medium and large. These belts have a matching cowhide lining. They have a very strong ‘hook’ that fits into the belt holes to secure the fit. This belt can be worn with the ‘tail’ hanging down or tucked beneath the main part of the belt for a more streamlined look. Additionally, if the customer does not like the tail, it can be cut off from the point that the leather lining ends (but why would you want to do that, the length is what sets this gorgeous belt apart!?). You could even use the cut part to make your own cuff! Additional holes can be punched to adjust the fit of this stunning belt. Crocodile is extremely durable and long lasting. The hides come from farmed crocodile. Government regulations require farms to release ten percent of their crocs into the wild. The farms helping increase the wild population coupled with the fact that the survival rate for crocs born in the wild is only two percent has led to sustained and/or growing wild crocodile populations.

  • Adjust length by placing hook in appropriate hole
  • Can add holes to fit more snugly
  • Can have tail hanging down or tucked under (per above photos)
  • Can cut tail off where underside leather lining ends if desired Smaller sizes have shorter tail

Aqua(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-AQ-2
Aqua(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-AQ-2
Black(S): A-FB-CR-Sm-BL-2
Black(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-BL-2
Black(L): A-FB-Cr-Lg-BL-2
Brown(S): A-FB-CR-Sm-BR-2
Brown(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-BR-2
Brown(L): A-FB-Cr-Lg-BR-2
Cognac(S): A-FB-CR-Sm-C-2
Cognac(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-C-2
Cognac(L): A-FB-Cr-Lg-C-2
Dark Pink(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-DP-2
Dark Pink(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-DP-2
Olive Green(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-OG-2
Olive Green(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-OG-2
Purple(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-P-2
Purple(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-P-2
Red(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-R-2
Red(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-R-2
Tangerine(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-T-2
Tangerine(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-T-2
Turquoise(S): A-FB-Cr-Sm-TU-2
Turquoise(M): A-FB-Cr-Md-TU-2