Hartebeest Peek-a-Boo fringe


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The Kulu Hartebeest Peek-a-Boo fringe handbag is the fringe bag with a ‘surprise’. Underneath the swinging suede fringe is lovely hartebeest hide! This bag features the fringe and hartebeest all around the exterior of the handbag. The top panel is suede and the two leather shoulder straps are fastened to the bag with decorative buckles. The bottom is a flat leather panel which helps to shape this unique bag. There is a top zipper that closes the bag and the interior has a zippered pocket with two open leather-edged pockets opposite. You have never seen a fringe bag like this and neither have your customers! The hartebeest visible underneath the fringe which sways with your movements is a sweet ‘hidden’ feature.


  • Suede fringe entire exterior of bag
  • Hartebeest hide underneath fringe entire exterior of bag
  • Two leather shoulder straps with decorative buckles
  • Zippered topInterior zippered pocket
  • Two interior open leather-edged pocke

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Dimensions 4.7 × 15 × 13.8 in